Unsurpassed Brilliance

through innovative LED lighting products

  • Brilliance

    Color corrected light source accentuates the clarity of the stones and brings out their natural beauty.

  • Flexibility

    Millennium LED lighting products are available for traditional use, such as track lighting, recessed cans, and jewelry showcases.

  • Save Energy

    By switching to LED, you will save up to 80% in energy costs. Additionally, LED products give off virtually no heat.

The WOW!!! effect of our LED lighting!

Transform your store to a stunning, elegant environment through using our state of the art LED lighting products.

Take a look at this video to see how our products can help you achieve unsurpassed brilliance in displaying your jewelry!

35w Par30 LED Flood

  • 2200 Lumens: Equivalent to 70watt metal halide light output
  • Unsurpassed brilliance and color clarity
  • Easy replacement for hot burning 75watt par30 and 90watt par38 halogen lamps
  • 30,000 hour long life with 3 year full replacement warranty
  • High quality CREE Led Chips for maximum brilliance and longevity


+ $10 shipping

Showcase Light Bar

  • 30% increase in illumination over standard LED light bars
  • Cree LED chips
  • 40,000 life hours
  • 3 year warranty
  • Can be customized to any length
  • Easy to install, self-adhesive backing
  • 45” sample bar


    + $12.50 shipping

  • 45" bar with 30w transformer


    + $12.50 shipping


  • 4w
  • 40,000 hours, long life
  • 3 year full replacement warranty
  • up to 80% energy savings
  • 690 lumens
  • Transforming total lighting effect


+ $5.75 shipping

LED Track Fixture Adapter

  • Fits any standard track
  • Can be used to replace MR 16 halogen lamps with LED Floods which offers substantially more light output
  • Available in white or black
  • Adjustable to desired lighting effect

We are leading Jewelers to a brighter future!

We primarily work with Jewelers across the Unites States. We develop lighting solutions to optimize their showroom to bring out the true beauty of the gems they offer.

A customer often comes to your showroom to mark a special occasion in their life. Don't you want them to see your inventory in it's best light? In order to see the difference LED solutions can make, we suggest ordering a sample kit so you can see the difference in your showroom, on your inventory! We think you'll agree our solutions offer Unsurpassed Brilliance!